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Frequent question and answers

What is gilbert gold?

Ans. Gilbert gold as abbreviated as ggl, is a digital product developed by Gilbert Keriman for exchange of dollar and other global currencies.

What is it worth in us dollar?

Ans. 1 gilbert gold is equal to 100 usd as of present sales.

Did the worth changes, if yes what causes changes?

Ans. Gilbert gold worth changes progressively, as any time profit is recorded, a share of such profit is distributed to all balances in a % depending how much your balance, the higher will be your earning, this action is performed with your available balance as of any day or seconds profit is recorded, this is not trading, this is our kind of a thank you for trading with us. Trading is when you are transferring your profit from your balance, or transferring your balance with a huge added profit , at this moment you feed us by paying a fee, but worth changes is our thank you to you trading with us.

What exactly is this gilbert gold, how will I start?

Ans. Gilbert gold is just like purchasing a product that enable you to i.make profit from the balance of your product ii. Exchange the balance of your product for trade with currencies on portal. iii. Purchased available product and services on portal with the balance of your gilbert gold.

  1. transfer the balance of your product in the product worth to any bank account in the world, to skrill, to bitcoin, to payooneer and to debit and credit card., v. You earned interest from your balance.

Why should I buy gilbert golds?

Ans. As stated above when you buy gilbert gold , you make  interest and you will be able to trade crypto currencies like bitcoin and etherum classic supported on our portal with out btc account, the highest thing is take a watch and sell from your profit, in any balance you put your money trade it in a favorable exchange vaults before withdrawing,

What is gilbert gold block chain?

Ans. These traders offer block services by operating self owned database as the work with their gilglopay account for execution of transactions and profit earning, a block chain source for his investors there by sharing his profit to it co investors from their gilbert gold trading outcome and from their high worth interest rate granted to them since they operate in block, the amount of balance determined the higher pay of  worth  interest to a block chain, if gilbert gold ad sales, block chain will determine from their profit how to share to their  investors.

Who can become a Gilgold block chain?

Ans. Any trader with a gilbert gold modified scripts which will be resale according to the trader operating the block. Some share into 100 times, making 1 gilbert gold to 10usd  worth, at this moment 10 gilbert gold will give you 1000 of that block chained gilbert gold, as profit ad, the trader will decide on it % to her investors. Note that block chained must owned a website , were the script for 0.00000ggl will be modified to suit the trader exchange in dollar.

What is trading of gilbert gold?

Ans. This is simply a process of taking a watch at the portal to know exactly when your currency add in favored of us dollars, at this process you simply send a withdrawal either to your bank account or to a chosen onsite vault, example you buy 10 usdollar worth of gilbert golds in your local currency, and in seconds you come to discover from portal that usdollar had added a % to your home currency, all the added % will double your $10 when withdraw to your home currency.

Which other way can some one trade aside the dollar watch?

Ans. Another simple way of making huge profit is by trading the crypto currencies supported in our list of vaults, at this moment any balance in those vault store your money in that currency worth. You can withdraw any time via the price worth of that coin, supported in vault.


Ans, more trading ways is store money in any vault and withdraw in the exchange rate of that vault straight to your bank accounts.


Ans, yes for transfer or selling of gilgold is possible to skrill account, payoneer account, bitcoin, bank transfer(delay), card transfer(instant but expensive charges) etc attract high charges, transfer within gilglopay portal users to users is free, transfer from one vault to another is an exchange and is done at 1.5% rate.

Who are agents?

Ans, agents are traders that run a commercial services with gilglopay account, all activities we carry out can be used to earned a big living when you decide to expand,.

Expand how? A trader expansion is when it account is used for a third party services, there by generating income from extra charges, example with your funded account you can send money to the worl at larged, when you come up to street to render the services to people around you, you take extra charges for delivering such services. That is how a trader expand.

What is grp?


What is keriman?

Ans, keriman is a smaller units of gilgold, 100,000 units of keriman give 1 gilgold. And is presented as follow 0.00001 is equal to 1 unit of keriman,

And 0.1 is equal to 10,000 units of keriman , while 0.01000 equal to 1000 units of keriman ,

1 usdollar is now equal to 0.01ggl or 1000keriman. THE GRP IS REWARDED IN KERIMAN AND SHOULD BE NOTED.


share gilbert naira transfer on facebook
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