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what is gilgold?

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What is gilbert gold (gilgold)?

Ans., gilgold is a product of Gilbert Robins Inter-networks Professionals Technology  (GRIP-TECH), used by the department of e-commerce to facilitate payments for product and services globally.

It is belief that the world in general operate over 120 currencies in different countries, to balance the process of purchases and payment of our global product and services , the founder and CEO of grip technology company mr Gilbert Keriman Robinson coined a simple financial formulae for exchange in bites. With over 100,000 units of bites from your hard disk can activate a 100usd worth of information if pass through the web. These structure split the basis of owning a bite which can be stored as keriman unit per bite. When the bite accumulate to 100,000 bite it will automatically be converted to 1megabite which is worth a 100 usd. Or called it 1 gilgold. The worth of these is stored in your gilglopay wallets and can be exchange directly to it worth any time, but as technology can prove, things can always be fast forwarded  through the used of money, that is to say with money you can buy as many worth of gilgold or megabite.

Why should I buy mega byte?

Ans. The mega byte is gold, it storage in your gilglopay portal keep you rich daily, as interest is always added any time, and you can also trade those mega bite for exchange of bitcoin, and supported real currencies like naira, Canadian dollar, Indian rupee, aud,etc .

                     Digital Units representation of Gilgold

1000 units of keriman in gilgolds is digitally represented as 0.01ggl

50,000 units of keriman….in gilgold…………………………………….   0.5ggl

3456 units of keriman in ggl……………………………………………………..  0.03456ggl

                     Block chain services

To run a block chained services first of all you applied for a bargain interest in your investments with gilgold, the biger your investment the bigger your interest earning, your interest earning that is always paid to your account at agree balances with you to determined how much you will sell your own unit of keriman to your investors, if gilgold ad you 10% you determined how to be sharing your % to your owned investors as gilglopay account only recognized the block chained account and set it rate to agree pay.

                               Spending your gilgold

They are diverse way to used your gilgold

  1. Buy recharge credit in supported countries
  2. Used for sport betting
  3. Buy bitcoin
  4. Buy product on merchant shops
  5. Send bulk sms
  6. Pay for cables tv subscriptions
  7. Pay for services


  I you can transfer your gilgold to all banks account in the world with switch code.

ii. you can transfer to all debit and credit card in the world

iii. you can transfer to skrill

iv. you can transfer to payoneer

v. you can transfer to bitcoin, litcoin, and dugecoin

vi. you can transfer to netteller

  • You can transfer to all gilgold block chain,

Gilglopay reward points.

This reward points proved the power at which gilgold is produce and accumulated through the web. You can only create a bite of gilgold when you are connected to internet, after creating, is stored at your GRp wallet, which represent your keriman unit in bites. The authorized web pages to generate you a bite and in how many times depend on your pay activities with gilgold. When you are a pay users or trader, the system auto shift you to were you can run some commands by simply accepting a form and received some bites of gilgolds , and is done unlimited. But a free gilgolds users got just one time per 24hour to create a bite via an authorized page.

This is to tell you the power involved in generating a gilgold with your system hardisk connected to web, but with your money you can also buy already generated bite from a user at an agree prices, because the more purchased of the bite always lead to increase in demand , and it mostly occurred when more traders are online generating gilgold. At this time the possibility of shop having more gilgold for sell will go off! As gilgold priced will high for creators to sell out to store back, but if few traders are onlined creating gilgold, the store will have enough and gilgold will come back to it stagnant price sales of 100USD . even at stagnant prices sales, the seventy billion megabite created to served the world will still be enough. Gilgold can never fall below it stagnant price of 100USD per 1 megabite.

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